Fish Amok | Cambodia

When you enter Battambang the first thing you think is – what would one do here? After walking through the streets for a while it gets clear that after the big central market you need some help to find interesting or at least some touristic activities. But there is help! Because looking at the city map I got at my guest house I found some interesting spots spread around the city like a crocodile farm, an artistic circus ran by an NGO, the old bamboo trail and so on. But one of the nicest activities in town I found accidently one evening at dinner.

A small restaurant named Smokin’ Pot calls itself Thai Cambodian Cookery School and Restaurant and offers cooking courses for about 10 €. As I tried to cook Asian style several times without even getting close to the taste of the food I really love, I decided to book the cooking course for the next day. I was very excited about the things I was going to learn!
Next day after getting to know the other participants the owner of the restaurant himself showed us the best food shopping points and explained every important herb and vegetable. Already very interesting!!!


But not only this part of the day was full of new information I never expected to be that important.
When we were back at the restaurant the chef explained every little step like cutting style and mortar technique.


At the stove it got really thrilling – none of the things I would do when cooking in a wok where right.
No stirring, adding water not fat and so one. When we started to skim the fat of the coco milk my world view was finally destroyed.


It was delicious!! And the best of all is that I already tried some recipes at home and the taste was close to the original. That’s amazing!

Here is the recipe for all those how want to try.


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