Caution – heavy load

Travelling through afar countries often reminds you how comfortable we live. Things which are taken for granted in industrial countries can state a problem somewhere else. Tasks that can be fulfilled easily by one person can occupy a whole family.

In a lot of African countries markets are still the traditional way to do the weekly grocery shopping. In industrial countries often families get into their cars on weekends and drive to the next shopping center outside the city to fill their shopping cart or even do this daily on their way home. In Mali families do not have this comfort. They go for a drive with their donkey carts or walk several kilometers to the nearest market to do their weekly shopping.


The parking areas are full and one could lose track of which cart belongs to whom. Also the donkeys are really precious to the the families. So quite often you see one child staying with the cart while the others are at the market.


Other families arrive with pots and enough helping hands at the market to purchase their food supplies for the week. It is incredible how women and even children balance heavy pots on their heads and carry them about long distances, what can really harm their spinal system or even growth.


Africans are true masters in packing. All those who bought too much to carry take the bus home and stow the purchase on the roof of the bus. Sometimes the load is higher than the car and you really don’t want to drive behind this bus when you leave this busy fair.


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