Banh Trang | Cambodia

Last chance to see Most traditions are completely irrational. In many places they get cultivated for centuries without ever being questioned. Traditional handicraft on the other hand is a dying art in many countries. Machines are replacing work previously done by hands and produce functional products for a cheaper price. A good thing, in principle. But inevitably there is a […]

Caution – heavy load

Travelling through afar countries often reminds you how comfortable we live. Things which are taken for granted in industrial countries can state a problem somewhere else. Tasks that can be fulfilled easily by one person can occupy a whole family. In a lot of African countries markets are still the traditional way to do the weekly grocery shopping. In industrial […]

Fish Amok | Cambodia

When you enter Battambang the first thing you think is – what would one do here? After walking through the streets for a while it gets clear that after the big central market you need some help to find interesting or at least some touristic activities. But there is help! Because looking at the city map I got at my […]