Children | Manila

Back in Manila after the visit of some self Help Groups of the KNH at the Philippines I met a group of poor kids supporting the household income by selling things on the streets. Perfect acceptors for the high-caloric fresh peanuts I got from the visited families. They grow some peanuts plants behind the house and gave some of the […]

Dumpsite | Manila

In Manila the Kindernothilfe (KNH) is running a children feeding center at the dumpsite of Payatas. The so called Smokey Mountain was a large landfill, operated for more than 40 years, consisting of over two million metric tons of waste. The kids are not allowed to enter the dumpsite but collect and sort dangerous plastics, foam or rubber. Taking care […]

Ferry | Palawan

Uncommon view from the ferry on some small boats nearby. Families are guiding and saying good bye to their relatives which leave the island with the ferry.

Flat Tire | Palawan

The island of Palawan is one island of the Philippines which is still very pristine. Only the main town Puerto Princesa equals the cities on the main island Luzon. This pleased woman wheels her deeply loaded bike with the flat tire home from fish market.