Club Foot | Mali

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. A spot where you cannot take health care for granted. Even the smallest health problem can ruin one’s existence totally. One of these problems is a club foot which is an up to 90 degree deformation of the foot inside and upwards. With a club foot it is impossible to […]

Wood Transport | Africa

In a country near the desert the acquisition of wood is hard work and needs the help of whole family. Most of the houses have no or less electricity not to mention an electric stove. So wood is the base for heating and cooking and therefore essential for survival.

Youngsters | Bamako

Young lively ladies in Bamako in 2010. I really hope people will soon be able to walk the streets at least as free and save as back then again!!

Guard CNAOM | Bamako

One of the nicest jobs you can get in Bamako is being the guard of the orthopedic center. Many families from all over the country come here for the treatment of their child’s club foot. All people entering the doors of the center are so glad they made the way to the center secure they give the guard a big […]